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I Phone You (2011)

A movie that is funny, interesting, educational and romantic. “I Phone You” is a German/Chinese production directed by Dan Tang, written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase, and tells us about a young Chinese woman “Ling Ling”, played by Yiyan Jiang, who falls in love with a Chinese man Yu Guanhao, who is living in Germany. After leaving her, Yu gives her a an iPhone, so they can stay in contact. But one day, she decides to travel to Berlin and visit the guy, who actually is married and has children. He wants her to go back to China and tells his German “bodyguard” Marco, played by Florian Lukas, to take care of her. Of course Ling Ling, doesn’t want to leave before meeting Yu, who she thinks is her boyfriend, and runs away from Lucas, to then learn what it means to be lost in a big city like Berlin.